August 12, 2013

Improving OFF-page

Both On and Off-page SEO strategies play their part in improving your search engine rankings. The Off page SEO strategies deals with things trying outside your blog to improve your blog search engine rankings, whereas in the On-page SEO, you are supposed to carry out a couple of internal things like customizing different blog posts, keywords, header tags, and pictures. In order to get a full attention as a full-fledged internet marketer it is vital to focus more on the Off-Page SEO of your site or blog. The following are the ways to improve your blog’s Off-Page SEO.

Try forum marketing

The popular search engines simply love forums as these are bigger places to share different information and knowledge. Hence when it comes to Off-Page SEO, you need to make forums as the major part or your link building strategy. For this, you need to join several forums which are relevant to your niche area and participate as an active member in various discussions, sharing useful and interesting information and giving effective and honest reviews. You can think of using signature over your threads while incorporating a back link towards your site or blog.

Carry out social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is considered as the major role player in any Off-Page SEO strategy for your site or blog. There are popular social bookmarking platforms like Digg and StumbleUpon which you are supposed to use to share a number of content all across the internet and at the same time build backlinks as well. All the popular social bookmarking websites are crawled by different search engines on a regular basis and they do not carry much of active user base. By bookmarking your blogs over these websites, you can get good traffic spikes in a consistent fashion. So, whenever you have some new post coming over your blog, you should bookmark them along with revisiting the web pages and sharing it again.

Write for Web 2.0 services

Apart from regularly writing different blog posts, you are supposed to write for the Web 2.0 services like the Hubpages, Squidoo, Posterous, etc. in the same frequency. The named web 2.0 sites are among the high authority sites and if you are able to get back links for your blog, it could really add an edge to your Off-Page SEO strategy. In this way, you end up passing a link juice to your blog and improve upon different search engine results. Besides, you can even think of submitting articles in various article directories, however, the recent update of Google Panda, article directories seems to have lost some value as an effective Off-Page SEO strategy, hence you are supposed do this with some caution.

Consider search engine and directory submissions

For an effective Off-Page SEO strategy, you need to make your site listed over a wide range of search engines. Apart from the popular search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo, you can find many search engines and directories which get tangible amount of traffic. Hence, you are not supposed to miss submissions over such search engines and directories.

Use pictures and videos effectively

These two forms of visuals play a vital role in getting the attention of people and thus end up getting more traffic for your blog or site. The visitors simply love videos and pictures as they quickly give an impression of the content posted over your blog or site. Hence using them effectively can render you good results in terms of traffic and added number of visitors.

Wrapping up

The idea behind the Off-Page SEO is to link your blog with a number of authority networks over the web so that your blog finds more backlinks along with good traffic and higher amount of SERP. The above ways could be become important strategies for your blog’s effective Off-Page SEO.